GEC Conference in Helsinki

Last week, Innokas Network hosted the Global Educational Community (GEC) Conference at the University of Helsinki. During the week, collaborators from China, USA, Australia and Finland built deeper knowledge of each country’s educational practice on many levels.

The program of the week was based on the Innovative School Model, which emphasizes the role of school stakeholders as innovators. The Innovative School model was present throughout the week, with additional presentations on innovation, creativity and Innovation education. We had discussions also on the best project based learning practices, on 21st Century Skills, and on collaboration with nearby community. To get our hands dirty on the subject, we also run hands-on sessions on everyday technology and robotics.

Building Flying objects     Lets start coding

Professor Jari Lavonen presented the Finnish education system, curriculum and evaluation practices. We also had an amazing opportunity to visit schools (Saunalahti School in Espoo, Mäntymäki school in Kauniainen and Normal Lyceum of Helsinki), the Embassy of the United States of America and the Museum of Technology. On each visit, we were warmly welcomed, and we learned about the valuable work on 21st Century Skills these collaborators do in their own field

Saunalahti Tekniikanmuseo

Tweets were flying (#GEC2015 #innokas2015) and blogs were posted throughout the week. We all learned so much from each other and we are looking forward to continuing our collaboration. Now we all are better equipped to help our students in becoming global citizens!

Kati, Tiina ja Minna

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