Robo Greetings from Metsokangas Comprehensive School


The Robo Project has started at Metsokangas Comprehensive School in Oulu. Our students made wooden game boards by using Google Maps, painted them using six different colours and after that they marked the names of the biggest cities all around the world.


When the game boards were finished, students started to learn programming. A few of them had programmed before, but for the most of them it was the first time to program EV3 Lego Robots. At the beginning they programmed their robots to walk from the city to another. Next time they will start to learn to avoid obstacles and to program robots to turn around.


During this spring our students will create many own playing strategies in groups and design how to play the game by using the robots. They will also make ship outfits for the robots, because robots are moving along waterways from continent to another. Students will also make pawns during this spring. Pawns will look alike pandas.


Päivi, Jaana, Minna and Petri (and also our 106 eager  students) from Metsokangas Comprehensive School

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