On the road to innovation

We had the opportunity to visit the Maker Faire event in Orlando, Florida in November 2019, to discover the latest in maker-activities. It was interesting to see how maker-activities were realized overseas! The event was characterized by a strong sense of community where families and people of all ages both participated and presented their own innovations and crafts. We had the possibility to meet with local organizers and networkers and discussed how this great event was organized with voluntary efforts and local flavors.

The range of activities was wide ranging from simple art and textile craft to Robot Ruckus fighting robots. Both traditional making and novel technologies were presented side by side with great pride and joy in making! Faire visitors were greeted by a drumming band and could easily spend the whole day discovering and doing together with family and friends. We got many great ideas to take home from the overall atmosphere and presentation, working together as a community to single maker-ideas!

Laura Salo, Asta Ansolahti & Tiina Korhonen

Innokas Network

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