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How does the mobile phone help us at school?

We started the subject by innovating and building “the strongest bridge” and the “highest tower” by using only paper and tape. The children worked in groups of 2-3. This was a part of our science classes for 3-4 hours. They had lots of fun thinking and executing their ideas. Then we watched the innovation video on the site. We talked about innovations. The students had a lot harder time talking about their ideas and thinking of new ways to do things than actually doing them. Finally I chose the mobile phone which we still use quite little in our school and then things got a bit easier for the students. They came up with things that they could use the phone for that would be helpful for everyone in class. I was behind the camera and all the kids who wanted to be seen in the videos got a change.

Anu and the 4th grade (4K class) students of Jalavapuisto School, Espoo, Finland