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EU CODE WEEK @ Jalavapuisto school, Espoo

I decided to build most of this years EU Code Week events in our school around the Cody Color -game that the Italians introduced to me in the EU Code Week summer school where 25 leading teachers got together to network and learn new things. Thank you Italy!

I started by cutting sheets of paper about 30 cm x 30 cm and introducing the rules to the game to my own class. The instructions you can find here: Color challenge. It’s never too late to try! The kids really loved it.

We spread around the hallways to play. We practiced on a 4 x 4 grid although we later tried on a much bigger one. This grid was excellent for 2 kids but even 4-5 could fit, as long as they knew their steps.

After my class learned the game well we sent invitations to teachers in our school to book us on Code week to come and teach it to their classes. We got many invitations and spent many hours on week 41 teaching other children in our school. On one particular lesson we had 10 spots in the gym for anyone to come and try. For first time users a good hint is to draw a small red dot on the back of your right hand and a yellow one on the left hand. Makes turning the right way a lot easier.

At the end of that class my class tried out the massive 12 x 13 grid with 24 children at the same time! It was super fun but the grid being so big you could only figure out your path so far and some of the success was pure luck.

We also tried the Battle Royale on the website to prepare us for the night school and beating all the parents. After playing on the floor the kids got a hang of the website game really quickly.

On Thursday the 10th of October we had a coding night school. The kids came back to school at 5 o’clock with a lot of parents who had accepted our code challenge. We started with about 50-60 people on the Battle Royale. Everything worked really smoothly. The parents got super excited too! But as hard as they tried they couldn’t beat the kids -some came close 🙂

On the same evening we also tested the code.org website and their Hour of code activities. We got quite a few diplomas printed for completing it!

And we also had time for doing the pixel art posted to EU Code Week teachers group in Facebook by Catherine Swain. Thank you for the fun idea!

But no night school would be fun without pizzas, playing tag on the dark hallways of the school and sleeping altogether on the gym floor. We’ll do all this again next year!

And this excellent 4K class has well deserved their certificates of recognition for contributing to the success of EU Code Week 2019. Good job!


EU Code Week Ambassadors and Edu Coordinators meeting 4.-5.9.2019

I had the privilege of attending EU Code Week Ambassadors and Edu Coordinators meeting in Brussels on September 4.-5. on behalf of Finland’s Ambassadors and Edu Coordinators. The two days were full of networking, key speakers and planning. I also introduced Innokas network as one of Finland’s best practices on the field of coding and innovations.


On the first day we heard from Nadia Aime and her personal story on how it has lead her to work toward bringing equality in coding for all. We also heard about the Code Week pilot Summer school. You can read more about the summer school in my blog here.

Then it was time for best practises. I introduced the Innokas network, it’s story and all the things we do. You can read more about the Innokas network here. Other best practises came from Poland, Italy, Luxembourg, Romania and Austria. They covered topics like computational thinking, tips and tricks for engaging code week and connecting the national digital education with the code week website. Day one was finished with a networking dinner.


On Thursday we got to see a sneak peek at the new redesigned EU code Week website. It should be out any day now, so keep a look out for the orange! We also got to hear three interesting presentations.


Claire Sears from the British Council told us about their work on training all the teachers in the Western Balkans. She also introduced the online courses they have for all teachers. 


Loubna Azghoud from the Women in Tech Festival presented us with their Code festival for 2019. The subject this year is Code & Fly to the moon. Read more about it on their site starting September 9th. 


Deidre Hodson from DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture introduced the SELFIE. It’s a free, easy to use tool to help schools find out where the students and teachers are in regards of digital learning and digital competences.


The Innovative school model by Innokas and the holistic approach on embedding technology in teaching and learning introduced by SELFIE and european Commission have a lot in common in my opinion.

IMG_0204 (1).JPG

We also worked on brainstorming for the Code Week vision of the future and mind mapped for the actions of Code Week 2019. The countdown is on! 26 days and counting!

Tiedosto_001 (5)IMG_0195

Anu Kahri,
EU Code Week Leading teacher in Finland
Classroom teacher, Jalavapuisto school, Espoo, Finland